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Aries Full Moon, Time to Re-Group
10 October 2022

Aries Full Moon, Time to Re-Group




This is Aires Full Moon Week and Time for Regrouping. The Full Moon in Aries on October 9, 2022, at EST 4:54 and UK  9:54pm, is one of re-grouping our lives and moving forward for a great Harvest of personal and global changes in October through to December 2022 and beyond!

This week's Aries Full Moon is calling us to move into a truly new cycle and get a clear understanding of our True Path forward. Also, there will be many relocation plans ahead for those ready to move forward in greater self-empowerment. This Full Moon Week relates back to the March 31st New Moon, 2022; this Full Moon week begins the new Cycle for action plans.

These past 6 months have been a time of inner reflection to now move into a New Cycle that will fast-track you into preparation plans for 2023. Time to really listen to your emotions and your body as they are always trying to communicate to you for your highest good on your path. Often our body will speak louder than our mind to guide us. (Point of Reference: As I recently experienced the Eye of the Storm I am here in Florida (150 MPH plus), my right arm had been in tremendous pain prior to it, for no logical reason, now that pain is gone; more on the Storm analogies in my next Article).

Our body holds the Truth and is often trying to get our attention to some inner sign that we often do not understand, and it grounds us.

As we all know, the body is the TEMPLE of our SOUL and when we listen intently to it, it speaks the truth just as our heart has intelligence cells that communicate to us all the time.

In order to listen to the body (the Soul), we need to become more grounded in the body, to truly HEAR what the SOUL is saying; the wisdom of our eternal SELF (Higher SELF).

There are many ways to spiritually transcend this 3D world, but it is important to fully ground yourself when doing inner work and extend a gold silver grounding cord from your Root Chakra, base of the spine into the Earth about 1000 feet down linking with the "Harmonic Shield." That is one suggestion as well as walking in nature more, using grounding gems and stones as well as grounding food.

The body (TEMPLE) is the place to hear the Wisdom of your soul. In this way, you can stand in your spiritual power and raise your vibrations, not lower them in the illusion of the body is just a "body." When you stand in your true Power, then you Leap forward in Life, whatever is going on around you. This new Cycle is a time to leap forward with new plans for end of year 2022 and New Year 2023.

This Full Moon will be aligned with the asteroid Chiron, also known as the wounded healer. This energy calls for us to address the wounding that lies within, but also within all people - which is fear of abandonment, also called "the original sin." This creates the illusion that all humans are separate from God, which we know there is truly NO Separation and NO Duality in the Universe. We are ALL ONE Power, ONE presence expressing through our Light bodies. This Full Moon is calling this wound to light. Realize you are not alone; you have never been alone, and your biological families are often stuck in the wound of "fear of abandonment." As you move beyond that within your cellular/soulular SELF, you also lift others into that frequency of knowing. This can help "SET ALL FREE."

It's time to look at our deeper wounds of "unworthiness" and release it all to move forward in this new cycle. All your goals will manifest faster with renewed sense of empowerment now. Move forward from your centre, your body, your soul, not just your mind. This Full Moon Week has long ranging affects in creating a new pathway for you that comes from Divine Creator and your Higher SELF, not just for self-satisfaction.

Time to go more deeply as within you is truly the KEY to now leap forward for your highest potential.

Talk Soon to assist you with CLARITY!

Rev. AthenaStar 7867

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