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Our psychic pet readings are aimed to bring you a greater connection with your pet to create a sense of understanding and calm...

Psychic pet readings are carried out telepathically and intuitively from looking at a photo of your beloved pet. Our pet psychics can connect with pets that are living and who have passed on. Please note that unfortunately we do not carry out pet readings for missing pets as this requires a much deeper communication. Psychic pet readings often help to bring your beautiful pet into a space of calm, understanding and balance. Our expert pet psychics have years of experience in working with animals intuitively and may use tools such as the pendulum and dowsing charts for the reading. These specialist tooks help to gain a deeper insight to your pet’s feelings and behaviours, and often what is picked up is a surprise to any pet owner. Our pet psychics can communicate and speak with your pets, to understand concerns or what is troubling them, so that any issues can be addressed. 

Please make sure that the photo or your pet shows their eyes and face. Ideally it would be better if nobody else is in the photo too. Please also include their age, name and breed, any important members of the family in the home and a short description of what you would like to know. You can also include a question that we can communicate to your pet. 

Pet Psychic Readings : $44.99

Please include your pet's name, age and breed. As pets often talk about their family, please also include names of family members in the household. You can add a brief description of any concerns or issues that you would like to be addressed, and please feel free to add a short message for your pet for us to communicate.

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