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Astrology Update
25 October 2022

Astrology Update





So, as we navigate through the 15 days of intense karmic energy, remember there is a lot happening within and around the planet. There is always holding the Light which allows us to see the polarity of all that is going on. We start to get a sense of trusting life.  Eclipses have effects on us

for months after. 


The body is within the soul and at the highest level, there is Oneness.  Saturn is direct now so that is good to build structure and order to move forward.  Saturn reminds us to shift and move forward now, being more responsible. The Sun is conjunct Venus, and we are in Scorpio Season now, which is the darkest depths within. It represents our subconscious world and the ways in which we sabotage ourselves for higher learning in life. So, this Scorpio season is like going deeper to see where we might want control or power and looking at ourselves and our karmic predicaments. We are here now to bring all into balance.  Venus entering Scorpio is about loving others and seeing them as whole through acceptance of the differences.  


This is a time of speeding out, karma brought to the Light to be seen. Where are the places I have been blaming others and shifting that to bring to awareness.  


Wednesday will be about “this is how the world can be,"- compassion and appreciation. 


Thursday, Mercury trine Mars is our words and directions we are going in. We don’t want to hold back but rather move forward.


Jupiter enters Pisces at the end of week and Mercury squares Pluto until Nov 3 (how are your words holding you back or others back because words are magic).  

The Hindu New Year, "DeWali," starts this week, which is the festival of Lights and Abundance. This reminds us that no matter how challenging life gets, always know we are LIGHT.  As per the Hindu calendar, Diwali 2022 will be observed on October 24, 2022. On this day, Lord Ganesh (Clears Obstacles) and Goddess Lakshmi (Goddess of Abundance) are worshipped, which is known as Diwali Puja or Lakshmi Ganesh Pujan.

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Blessings this Week, Talk Soon,

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