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Freedom and Abundance
7 November 2022

Freedom and Abundance





Eclipse season ends on TAURUS Full Moon, November 8th, 2022.  Uranus and "Kali” are both affecting this Full Moon which may bring up unexpected situations moving us into more clarity in the end.  Hang on to the "roller coaster" and stay low key if possible, with daily Meditation and Prayers to stay centred and calm. This is not a time to challenge others. Take any criticisms with a "grain of salt," and let things go.  It’s a  time of inner purification to prepare to move forward on your path with more freedom, preparing for the New Year


This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will be a very intense week for many. Stay away from antagonistic people that try to bring up old issues. Definitely take more time for daily inner work morning and night and send out PEACE to the world, for many will need it.  

It's not a time to lay intentions, to release; just stay in your centre and calm as much as possible.  A key phrase "SURRENDER," is good to remember this week, and "LET IT BE," as Mother Mary often says to us.  Issues will get cleared in the coming weeks as we move into Sagittarius and the wonderful "Christ Heart centred time of Christmas."  So, hang in there for this week. For now, surrender to the higher intelligence within SELF and allow yourself to move through the "waves of change." This is a time of balancing all remnants of karma, so it is a great time for spiritual atonement via a Reading. It's wrap up time for 2022 and a thorough Spiritual Psychic Session can do wonders.

This is also a time for new cycles and expansion of self-empowerment and self-worth as you prepare for 2023.  This Eclipse is a blending of Taurus and Aries so it begins a new cycle for the material world (wealth, possessions, etc. and that impacts self-worth.  You might think this all sounds a little superficial (and at times Taurus can be), however this eclipse energy is calling you into a new awareness and consciousness of this realm. It is a time to see how your sense of inner value reflects on the outer.

Abundance is all around us in different forms and it is a time of letting all the old fears of lack, not enough, scarcity melt away (even the media rumours about recessions). Time to rise above all that, be GRATEFUL this month of "Thanksgiving" for all abundance in all forms and realize your "Self-Worth" comes from your aligning with your Mighty I AM Presence (God & Goddess SELF). It was always there, you just forgot it along the way with all the 3D earth challenges. TIME TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

Kali and Uranus will also be affecting us with this "intense" Lunar Eclipse Week.  Kali, as an aspect of the divine mother, is delivering us truth. This is the type of energy that actually loves us so much it doesn't want us to suffer any longer.  Her method is to take us on the most direct path to our own enlightenment.  That means circumventing our Ego but delivering us the 'Universal Truth'.   Truth is the knife she holds, and it’s So this week with the "unexpected," we can see more clearly the value of our own worthiness by looking more deeply at our self-sabotaging Egos.

Remember 11:11:22 is this coming Friday for which I will do a separate BLOG on.  This is a wonderful Gateway for many Global Meditations and a great shift to bring in the new 2023 Frequencies.

Love, Light & Freedom; TALK SOON,

AthenaStar  7867

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