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How To De-Stress This Holiday Season
12 December 2022

How To De-Stress This Holiday Season




1. Accept where you are within yourself. 


If you have gone through a stressful year, grieving over loved ones lost or a divorce or any kind of Loss from the year, let it be.  As Mother Mary would say, do not force yourself to ‘be happy and joyful, from peer pressure. However, do plan to join in some festivities each week of December so you do not remain alone. Allow yourself to realize ‘this too shall pass and it's OK to be where you are emotionally.’ Remember to use spiritual tools to help soothe yourself and joyous music. Take time to cry, but only for brief times. You can’t force yourself to be happy just because it’s the holiday season.

Do not judge yourself; ‘let it be,’ and know you will rise above it all.    


2. Stay within your Budget.


Financial strain is one of the leading causes of stress, so write out a budget and stay with it. Do not let others influence of the season affect you.  Later in January you will be glad you did not use those credit cards to pile on unneeded debt. Give in other ways with homemade gifts or special deeds for friends.  Stay ahead of the game by reviewing your budget weekly during December. You will be very glad you did. Joyous memories and quality time are more precious.


3. Manage Your Time


Try to set realistic goals and for the holiday season and do not go into ‘burn out mode’, with yourself or others. Realize there is a time priority and do not over promise others; allow time for yourself. Organize your time, make more To-Do Lists, and follow your priorities. Take days off for Self-Care like a Massage, etc. Keep working on letting go of the past and welcome new changes for your Holiday Season. What worked last year, may not this year, move on. The ‘good old days’ were not always that good. Volunteering to help others during the season may just be the fulfilment you need at this time.   


4. Have a Support Team


Lighten the load with a strong support system, such as a community or spiritual/religious organization, friends, or family.  Make a goal each week to do something or go somewhere to expand your social connections if you feel alone such as join a new club, join a theatre group, take a new class, join a free global meditation group online---expand your horizons and continue it into the new year because some friends go out of our lives so new ones can come in who understand us better. When one door closes, another Opens. Call in for a Spiritual/Psychic Reading that can uplift you on many levels and help you with balance.


5. EMBRACE the JOY of the Season!


Remember the simple joys of letting someone know they are special by assisting them in some way or just giving a card or small gift, are the best ways to uplift yourself.  This is the time of year of open hearts and good will.  Be kind to yourself and others. Expect unexpected miracles. Happiest Holidays to one and all.


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