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Its Time To Be Courageous
11 January 2023

Its Time To Be Courageous





This first Full Moon of January 7, 2023 (Lon 11pm; NY 6:07pm), in the sign of Cancer, is a Moon calling for you to find strength in your vulnerability.  It's time to get so comfortable with yourself, and the many aspects of YOU and your subconscious self, that you take off the armour you have been wearing to protect yourself.  


This ‘inner protection shield’, was put on at one time when you needed it to keep you safe. It allowed you to become immune from the feelings of others and to be brave for your parents and others in authority so you could be who they wanted you to be.  So now with this Full Moon, it's time to see that this ‘inner armour’, is no longer needed and it cuts you off from being able to fully connect with the world around you, and with yourself. 


This Full Moon relates back to the 29th/30th of June last year. That is when the intentions that this Full Moon is now calling to manifestation were being laid, whether conscious or not. If you can reflect or see some messages you may have written, you will understand. 


This Full Moon is calling Action to Light in being courageous to move forward. For that's what Full Moons are all about and they move us forward, creating thoughts into matter. As Cancer rules emotions, home life and the mother - you might find that these themes are what is being brought to light for you.  For example, a change in living circumstances, a focus on relationships, or a move you have been contemplating for some time, etc. 

This Full Moon will be aligned with the asteroid Pallas Athena making the energy a lot more courageous and calling for inner strength.  It's time to be a warrior for your own heart.  Pallas Athena is calling for you to break into new emotions within and move past the fear into the power of your emotions.  


So, this is the start of really coming ‘home’, to yourself and leaving anxiety behind. We are beings that have learned to be ‘acceptable in society’, and this Full Moon is calling for you to remember your TRUE heart, and allow it to shine. It's time to see what gems you've kept hidden…..under that shell.    BE TRUE TO YOURSELF.  

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