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New Year, New Start, New You!
6 January 2023

New Year, New Start, New You!





The New Year brings a rush of new resolutions and goals. Now is the time to try something new, just as Mother Nature does as we move forward into the year.

3 tips for successfully creating a new you;

1.    Rather than make loads of new resolutions and burden yourself with lots of goals – look for ways to simplify your life. Start with just finding and implementing one simplification. What can you let go of? Perhaps the desire to have the last word in disagreements with your partner or good friend. Think of all the energy that will release. Making life simpler creates a space in your life for joy to come into.

2.    Slow down, it really is true less is more. Our society prizes busi-ness, almost at all cost, to achieve success. Yet the real success is in how you behave to your fellow humans as you go about your daily life. Stepping over someone to succeed without a care for them does not contribute to calmness, harmony and love in your life. We have all done this, especially when we are in a rush. Try to think or better still feel before you act and see if there is a better way of living.

3.    Select a single life value to practice. I chose ‘honesty in all I say and do’. I thought it would be relatively easy as I consider myself an honest person. It was much harder than I expected! The observer in me noticed I didn’t always get things absolutely correct and I had to stop and correct myself. It was quite enlightening but I kept going and it did get easier and more natural over time.

Taking a simple approach to living your best self; I have found does lead to a better life for yourself and those you come into contact with. This is your field of influence. Your actions can make someone’s day or make them feel life is very tough. Think how it would feel if your life was simpler so you had time to breathe, notice how you behave and en-joy life. Laughter is such a lovely light energy. And as you go about your daily life how would it feel if;

·      you were confident others would be honest with you,

·      do what they say they will do

·      or come back and explain why perhaps they can’t do something and offer another solution.

I feel this would make my life much simpler and more fun to be in. Personally, I would find it very refreshing.

What do you think?

Would you like to join me in this endeavour to build our new selves and enjoy seeing the positive impact ripple out from us to other?

Of course, the impact might be slow at first but it will build.

By way of giving ourselves hope, Mother Nature does exactly the same. I have just gone for a walk in the park and there is warmth in the sun which reminds me of the Spring and the promise of warmer better days to come.

Find your personal Spring by trying a creative, relaxing activity to help you find your calmness within. It could be as simple as a walk in nature alone, listening to music, gardening, creating a picture, story, poem or anything else that pleases you.

Reconnect with your heart, it happens naturally when you are doing a creatively activity you love to do. In your heart you will find your soul patiently waiting to communicate with you and to share your personal wisdom to help guide your life.

It really is that simple….

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