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Power Week
28 August 2023

Power Week





Welcome to a very powerful week - starting today with Venus Retrograde conjunct the Sun (known as a Star Point).  This is a week that is calling for you to get clear on where your attachments are causing you suffering and start to consider where you might be ady to release old patterns in order to find more peace in your life.  It's also a New Moon in Leo on Wed, Aug 16,  time to project new creations. 

This week is also the anniversary of "Harmonic Convergence," which occurred in 1987, the opening of Mother Earth "Ascension Gateway."   So do take more time for inner reflection this week, especially on Wednesday and Thursday. 

There is alot of energy around the concept of attachment.  Budha taught that the  root cause of all suffering comes from attachment to things we love or need,,  Other attachments to people leaving us or losing money or losing our home, the idea that nothing can ever be satisified.  We live in a world that is impermanent.  It is the desire to control and that this will bring happiness, the conditions we think we need.   True happiness will never last and the attachemnt is in thinking we can have the universe as we want it.  The universe  simply is,  cause and effect.  

The  New Moon on August 16 highlights a  new cycle in attachment.  This time is also about  starting new cycles in how you lift some of the "suffering," in understanding that you will never get what you want because the soul guides you, not the Ego.  The Ego guiding you leads to suffering if we are attached to illusions.  

The root of attachments are going to be  released now and seeing if you are standing in your own power or being controlled by others.   This is a time to express our deepest wisdom and to really touch Truth.   Leo is the Sign relating to a Love of Live, being a Leader or Hero in your own life.  When you shine your Light, you are affecitng others to do the same.  Leo is also the sign of co=creator, it's a time for you to create your visions and reap the fruits.   This is a time of sacredness and our inter-connection with New Earth consciousness in general.   Again, this is a time representing your own personal freedom and standing in your own authenticity, with Love  (Venus and Leo).  

After the New Moon on Wednesday, is about seeing what you have "set up" for yourself in Leo and seeing a new sense of Identity and how you show up for yourself.  Big day on Friday  which is a day of Liberation and freedom from attachments that do not serve us.  ArchAngel Michael's Star is  seeing what is really going on and  where have we  being negligent about building walls.   Communicating to others where our boundaries are being misaligned.     This is also a time of "new life," as it was in ancient times in Egypt.  Welcome in this acceleration in uplifting consciousness.  Remember  we also have  another Super Moon on August 31, 2023, so there are remendous shifts in August to dive into.

Ejoy this week of truly taking back your personal power and releasing old attachemnts that are no longer working for you.   Happy Freedom Week!    Be gentle with yourself and nurture yourself and do not allow the upcoming Mercury Retrograde on August 23, to interfere with your new found freedom.  

Talk Soon, AthenaStar  7867

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