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Promoting Well-being and a Positive Mindset During the Easter Period
7 April 2022

Promoting Well-being and a Positive Mindset During the Easter Period

The religious and spiritually significant season of Easter is all about spiritual growth. Perhaps altering from one state to another, changing your point of view on certain matters, or changing the lens through which you look at your life.

In the spirit of lent (2nd March to 14th April) you may have thought of the period leading up to Easter as one in which to refrain from certain indulgences. Maybe you gave up chocolate or alcohol for the 40 days? However, Easter now presents an opportunity to learn a new skill, form a new habit or to embrace spiritual growth. This, in turn, will promote positive mental health and wellbeing. At Crystal Clear Psychics our recent theme throughout our blogs and social media posts has been developing your spiritual side to help foster positive mindsets, impacting your mental health and overall wellbeing.

Over the Easter period perhaps consider revitalising your diet and physical activities, a nice brisk walk in the sun or going for a swim will have a huge impact on your mindset, helping to keep you balanced and grounded. There is a definite link between your physical and mental health, having a clear goal and process for your spiritual development will benefit your mindset and foster positive thoughts.

As you may have given up certain foods that don’t make you feel your best self, or alcohol, or social media for lent. Now try and focus on what positive activities you can incorporate into your daily life to benefit your mind. For starters, you could try and drink more water, you could read a good book before bed, exercise more, or create a journal to note down everything you are grateful for each day.

Small incremental changes to your daily life require consistency and dedication but will have a profound effect on your well-being in the long run!


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