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Time For Balance
13 October 2022

Time For Balance





Yes, Libra likes balanced relationships and does not like conflicts at all.  We all know relationships are mirrored reflections for us to look at within ourselves, so perhaps focus on that this week, this month.  


So this week October 9 through to October 15, 2022 was highlighted by the Full Moon which provided a contrast to see ourselves more clearly and not to judge, as well as loving SELF more.  


Pluto went Direct on October 9, which relieves a lot of the major "roto ruder" that was going on within, but it still has some affects over the next 2 weeks.


Relationships help us to know who we are.  This next period, Pluto is doing work on behalf of the collective; the final push to break down the patriarchal structures that no longer work on Earth.  The Aires Full Moon we just went through asks where one can work with others to make things work. It’s also a time to start the new cycle to create the new pathways. Also remember you are a member of society and continue to work with others as collective.

Mercury entered Libra October 11, and this is calling us into the places we fear relationships.  It's like staring at yourself in the mirror. 


All relationships balance karma and the person we are in relationship with, we can start to understand the give and take; the ego and how much we love them, they show you the places where you fear who you are.  It shows places to maintain balance within.   What is it we are most afraid of.   


When we don’t want to see what’s there, then the Ego gets in the way. When we see we can become ONE, that makes the Ego afraid as it can’t exist without its separateness. In love, the Ego gets loved also and that’s what we are all seeking, Transcendence.  You will notice things being triggered within. 

We find freedom through that. 


Relationships are not here to create restriction. The patriarchal role always saw women as inferior with no power of their own and that is still there, and marriages can be restricting if the two do not work together to evolve one another into more balanced feminine and masculine energy.


Where there is restriction, its karma and the body start to show physical problems so the body again will show us liberation.


What are the places in which you hold back in fear of letting the ego go. 

Building structure this week is strong, new pathways as mentioned before.

Venus is trine Saturn, so down with the Ego and merge with the 'collective’ to bring more framework and balance for more freedom. Plans to expand your relationships are good.  


Reminder October & November are massive months of global change. Uranus and Taurus are dancing into Scorpio, so there will be many shifts in global economics. Release anything that is not for your highest good, on all levels. 


Be aware, be informed, be alert and be wise. 


Be Blessed, Talk Soon!

AthenaStar  7867


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