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Astrology for Career
8 January 2021

Astrology for Career

Life is too short to spend toiling at a job that pays the bills but doesn`t feed your spirit. Astrology can show how each star sign best expresses itself in work and career. There are two basic qualities to consider when looking at your sign: element (fire, earth, air or water) and mode (cardinal, fixed or mutable).

Most people are aware of the elements but less familiar with the modes. Your sign is a unique combination of element and mode which can help you discover what kind of work suits you best.


Fire signs are confident and enthusiastic, they enjoy competition and freedom. Earth signs are careful, grounded and realistic, they like solidity, facts and stability. Air signs are playful and good communicators, they like ideas and intellectual stimulation. Water signs are cautious, sensitive and caring, they dislike anything too boisterous or feeling hemmed in.


Cardinal signs are go-getting, always moving forward, outgoing and active. Fixed signs are solid, dependable, resistant to change and enjoy going in depth into things. Mutable signs are changeable, easily bored, adaptable and love making connections between things.

Career Styles by Sign

Aries : Cardinal Fire

Competitive work as opposed to team work. Being able to get on with things on your own terms. Sales and marketing suit your focus and drive. Being your own boss is ideal.

Taurus : Fixed Earth

Solid foundations. Determination. Dealing with facts, finances and bodies are your strengths. Must feel you are doing something useful.

Gemini : Mutable Air

Communicating, moving around with plenty of variety thrown in. Two jobs would suit this combination. Must not feel trapped.

Cancer : Cardinal Water

Caring and protective. Teaching and personnel work suits you. You need intimate human contact. Dislike of office politics and feeling people are uncaring.

Leo : Fixed Fire

Self employed, running your own show. Promotion, advertising, theatre. Must feel at the centre of things and that you have a creative input.

Virgo : Mutable Earth

You like to be of service. Nursing, health, secretarial work, looking after animals. Crafts such as pottery and dressmaking. Planning and organising. Everything done well.

Libra : Cardinal Air

Must have beautiful surroundings. You like one to one situations and working as part of a team, counselling people suits you. Dislike sloppiness with no planning or strategy.

Scorpio : Fixed Water

You like to go into things in depth. Able to deal with tricky or difficult situations. Medicine and healing. Researching. Must feel you have the power to change things.

Sagittarius : Mutable Fire

Law, foreign connections, travel, feeling free. Publishing. You have to be able to speak your own mind. You like to be busy and are happy juggling many different things at the same time.

Capricorn : Cardinal Earth

Need to feel there is a clear ladder to the top. Traditional jobs attract you. Local government suits your approach. You need a sense of purpose and like to plan for the long term. Duty is important.

Aquarius : Fixed Air

Quirky, eccentric and unusual jobs. You have to feel you are making a difference to society. Social work or political work. Enjoy a friendly environment but want to remain somewhat detached. At your happiest when exploring ideas and theories.

Pisces : Mutable Water

Imaginative and artistic, often with musical talent. You enjoy helping others, so good causes and charities attract you. Like to turn fantasy into reality or sometimes the other way round!

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