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How to Read Auras
3 April 2020

How to Read Auras

Once you have attuned yourself to be able to see and interpret an aura, it can be useful way to divine how people are feeling, both physically and emotionally, regardless of what they may be telling you.

Auras have been documented through history; they are not a new phenomenon. Advanced spiritual beings - such as Christ, Buddha and their immediate disciples - are often portrayed as radiating golden light or halos. Today, scientists acknowledge the existence of electromagnetic, ultra-violet and infrared energy fields generated by every living being. Photographs of auras have confirmed what many have believed for a long time - that these energy fields change and fluctuate according to the physical, mental and spiritual state of the subject.

A Three Dimensional Image

The key to reading auras is to use your vision in a different way. Think of an optical illusion book, where you look past the flat, two-dimensional image to find a three dimensional picture. To achieve this, the eye must be in a relaxed state. Relaxation is a vital factor in all aspects of an aura reading.

How to See your Own Aura

To see your own aura, sit or stand in front of a mirror about half a metre away. It is important to have a neutral colour behind you, and lighting that is subdued and ambient but not dim. Not only will this encourage relaxation, but it will also allow your eyes to work in a different way.

Whilst looking at yourself in the mirror, begin to sway gently from side to side. At the same time, try and look through your reflection to the wall behind, rather like the techniques used to see living eye pictures. At all times you should be relaxed. This allows your optical muscles to loosen, and encourages a trance-like state where your subconscious is more alert and receptive. After a time, you should notice a shimmer surrounding the outline of your head. Initially it may be difficult to discern colours, but this will come with time and practice.

Opening a Door to Greater Understanding

Once you are able to see the colours of your aura, you will have opened the door to a greater understanding of yourself and those around you. Typically, the main colours in an aura are yellows, reds, blues and greens. Yellow denotes a high level of mental activity and optimism. Reds are the colour of someones psychic strength and will. While blue is the colour of calm and spiritual balance, darker shades can reveal depressive tendencies. Greens reveal someones ability to sympathise and are a good measure of their ability to heal on a psychic level.

One you are familiar with the patterns of your own aura, you will be able to read subconscious messages from your own psyche, giving you a greater understanding of your own spiritual and physical well being. Using these techniques on others will give you greater insight into how those around you are truly feeling.

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