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Lover or Stalker?
19 March 2020

Lover or Stalker?

Most of us will have, at one time or another, read a story about a celebrity and their stalker. What is interesting about these stories is that the stalker often professes a deep love for their target. While most of us are familiar with being the object of someones affections, few of us tend to believe that we have been stalked in any way. However, the line between love and obsession is a thin one and while it might be difficult to identify in everyday life, we do have other senses that can alert us to the intentions of others.Intuition  a powerful toolIntuition is a powerful psychic tool in discerning how someone may feel about us.

When it comes to deciding whether a person is attracted to us, we have all experienced that feeling of excitement that travels almost like an electric charge between individuals. Aside from the physical signs such as body language, intuition gives us a feel for someone. You may be aware that they are attracted to you on a physical level, but you can also intuit pretty quickly whether their intentions are flattering or worrying. A person whose intentions go beyond those that you are comfortable with will usually trigger a prickly sensation - a gut feeling that something is not as it should be. Rather than simply being a good guess, this is the result of your psychic antennae registering a potential threat. Once the threat is registered, your subconscious can even influence the way your other senses work.

You may find that you notice something peculiar about the way that person looks at you or you may hear something in their speech patterns that make you uncomfortable. The body is the physical manifestation of the spirit in all its aspects. If your psychic defences spot a potential stalker, they will adjust your physical senses to align with their judgement. Conversely, the reverse is also true. We have all experienced the sensory enhancement that comes with meeting someone to whom you are attracted. If there is no psychic threat, your spiritual side enhances the way they appear and sound to you.

The Power of Dreams

In addition to our ability to intuit, dreams are also a good measure of someones psychic intent. You do not even have to engage with a person to be able to weigh them up. Psychically, a mere look will often be enough to trigger your spiritual antennae into action. Once they have made its assessment of someone, the subconscious retains that information and will feed it to you in the most effective way possible. If your suitor is of good intent, the dreams you have will usually depict them clearly and in surroundings that hold some significance to you. This demonstrates that your subconscious has a good grasp of their character and is trying to determine where and how they will fit into your life. Dreams such as these are often accompanied by positive feelings.

However, if your antennae suspect someone of being obsessive or a threat, your subsequent dreams will be very different. People who pose a menace to your psychic well-being will often be depicted in dreams as indistinct, signifying that their own psychic defences are preventing you from fully reading them. In addition, it may be that the person is always just out of reach or distant, again highlighting their elusive nature. The surroundings of the dream, although not necessarily threatening, may be uncomfortable or claustrophobic, suggesting that the psychic signals sent by this person are oppressive and single-minded.In order to get a good overall picture of the person whose attentions you have attracted, it is a good idea to develop your own psychic powers. By tuning into and accessing your subconscious, you will receive clearer messages about the person in question. Focussing on that person as you go to sleep is a good way of letting your subconscious speak for itself.


Alternatively, meditation is another effective method of searching your psyche for answers. Again, focus on the person in question, before letting your mind drift. Your subconscious will recognise the question and answer it either through images or by provoking a gut feeling. It may also be worth keeping a diary to record your thoughts and feelings that arise from your psychic investigation. The more you flex your psychic muscles, the clearer an idea you will receive of just what your suitor intends.While most of us have no idea how it feels to be a celebrity stalked by a fan, many of us encounter the potential to be stalked without even knowing it. What might be a good or bad feeling about someone is not to be ignored. Rather than being just a gut feeling, it is actually our psychic power alerting us to the possibility of a potential love or a potential threat. 

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