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Shooting Stars
7 April 2020

Shooting Stars

Up until the 28th May 2020 we will be able to sight shooting stars in the constellation of Aquarius. These shooting stars will not return to our skies till later in October this year.

It is said the constellation of Aquarius is linked to many humanitarian activities and also to our individual freedom. These shooting stars will free us and help us to bring our dreams into reality. Have you ever longed for something beyond your grasp? I can show you how to make the impossible, become possible - read on.
Making a wish: it is said that when you see a shooting star - at present this is debris from Haley’s comet called the Eta Aquarids - you should make a wish and it will come true. How can we explain this? Understanding how is the first step to bring a dream into reality.

As a shooting star enters our atmosphere it is said to create a force - an energy which will carry with it the planetary flavour of the day. A certain moment of a shooting star was captured by a gifted photographer (Jonti Horner) in Queensland, Australia in the early hours of Wednesday morning (6 May 2020). This was the day this year shooting stars were said to be at their peak; at present they are more likely to be seen in Australia in the early hours of the morning. Lucky Aussies! However, their sight can be captured anywhere.

I have captured a time when the shooting stars could be seen in the chart below. As you can see the Moon links with Mars (which is in Aquarius where our shooting stars appear), and Venus to create a beautiful trine - so if anyone was making a wish at this specific moment the energies of the Moon, Mars and Venus would have encapsulated that wish and enhanced the likelihood of that wish occurring here on Earth. Where the planets are placed would have determined how your wish would have taken effect. 

It is no mystery to say that true magic lies within us. Our prayers and wishes at any given moment link with the energies of the skies at that particular time. It is our feelings that gives rise to a particular moment when we make those wishes. If you want to know the best time to make your wishes come true - read on.

What is Divine Timing?

Divine timing is when the planets align in favour of your wish and the forces of nature (energies in the skies) make it happen - that is exactly why people say destiny is written in the stars. Making a wish allows us to use our freewill. It enables us to link with the energies of the skies and our Divine creator. A wish is simply a prayer to the energy that created us all - our Universe - the planets and stars - play a part. The Universe aligns with the Divine force through the channel of love to bring your wishes to fruition! It is therefore true to say that if you make a wish with all your heart and it is aligned with Divine intention - it will come true!

When is the best time to make a wish? 

The science of astrology and astronomy can unlock times and dates when luck, good fortune and love can come into your life. These are completely in synch with your lifepath and your purpose. They also meet us at certain key moments in our lives to bring us Divine gifts. It is true to say that our Divine creator loves us and wants to give us everything we desire that is rightfully meant for us. 

Knowing when these lucky moments happen and how they happen is absolutely key to understanding your own luck. And is that awareness that can unlock the magical mysteries of your true happiness.

How will the wish impact on my life?

Every human has a date of birth. By looking at where and when the planets were placed when you were born, I can calculate the key times to make a wish. There are lucky moments. lucky days and lucky places which can bring abundance, luck, love, and also good health into your life. The astrologers in the press can’t do this. Most astrology forecasts are computer generated. Only a true genuine astrologer - one that will go into a deep analysis of your birth chart - can help you discover your luck.
This is a magical part of astrology that flows with the energies of our Galaxy. The Universe is generous and welcoming - you only have to understand it. The Force - or God, our angels and our ancestors want us to succeed and progress. Abundance is limitless to all and good fortune comes to only those who believe. 

If you want to know more do not hesitate to book an appointment with me and I will unlock your happiness. Never doubt the gifts that can come to you. I will be happy to help.

Wishing you the magic of the shooting stars! Please do share this note with anyone you think may need love, luck, and abundance. I will be offering a free reading to one lucky person who shares before the 28th May 2020!

Love and blessings 
Neelam xx
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