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What Is A Clairvoyant Reading?
29 July 2020

What Is A Clairvoyant Reading?

What Exactly Is A Clairvoyant Reading?

Clairvoyance is an innate or developed intuition that allows you to connect with the spirit world, giving incredible insights about an object, person or location through extrasensory perception. Many psychics possess this special talent and can use it to help individuals connect with loved ones who have passed, or gain information about a photo or other object that may have recently come into their possession.

Whether you’re just curious about what being clairvoyant means, or if you’re looking to get a reading done so you can connect with that special someone, this article will answer any questions that you may have about the subject. We’ll go into exactly what the term means, the different types of clairvoyance, and how the team of gifted clairvoyants here at Crystal Clear Psychics can help with online psychic reading.

What Exactly Does Being Clairvoyant Mean?

Clairvoyance is the paranormal ability to get information, deep insights, emotions, and more from inanimate objects or locations, as well as connect with loved ones who have passed on. It’s a type of psychic reading that can be used to look into the past, as well as possible futures. It is a form of ESP (Extra-Sensory Perception), and can be used in a variety of different ways.

Clairvoyance can also mean being able to connect with your spirit guide, whether that’s seeing, hearing or feeling them and their messages of guidance with clear vision.

It can be divided into three main classes: precognition (looking into the future), retrocognition (seeing past events), and remote viewing (perceiving events that are out-with the usual sensory range). Messages are usually received as images or metaphors, rather than a feeling or verbal message.

It is only one aspect of psychic intuition and joins other psychic perception abilities such as clairaudience (hearing messages), clairsentience (gut instincts), and claircognizance (asking your heightened intuition).

How Can A Clairvoyant Reading Help You?

The power of clairvoyance is that it can help you get answers on lots of different aspects of your life. You can connect with lost loved ones or get messages of guidance from them, meet and connect with your spirit guides, get information about objects or locations you have connections with, or just get clarification about the past or future.

We have many psychics here at Crystal Clear Psychics who are skilled at different areas of clairvoyance and can help you get the answers you seek. They will connect with you and the energy you radiate, or the object/location you have chosen, and ask questions to the paranormal plane and to you to be able to give an accurate reading.


If this article has piqued your curiosity about clairvoyance even further, why not take a look at our list of highly trained psychics who can help you get the answers you need with a personalised psychic reading. Or, contact our reception on 0207 553 5000 to get more information.

Speaking with a psychic for a clairvoyant reading, or even connecting with your own intuition, is a fantastic way to uncover secrets and information you never knew about, and to get the guidance you need to live a happy and fulfilling life.


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