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Jan 20 - Feb 18


Aquarius is the 11th star sign in the zodiac calendar and birth dates range from the 20th of January to the 18th of February. They are seen as being the astrological sign that is the most eccentric and energetic, but can also be shy and quiet. Highly intelligent and a good listener, many Aquarius individuals go into professions such as scientific research or mathematics. Below we explain more about the characteristics and traits of an Aquarius, who they are most compatible with, and how they handle the relationships with the ones closest to them. 

What Are The Traits And Characteristics Of An Aquarius Individual?

Zodiac Sign: The Water Bearer
Element: Air
Colour: Silver, Pale Blue
Day: Saturday
Ruler: Uranus, Saturn
Gemstone: Turquoise, Amethyst
Lucky Numbers: 4, 7, 11, 22, 29
Best Compatibility: Leo, Sagittarius
Tarot Card: The Star
Dates: January 20th to February 18th

Aquarius-born individuals are often quiet and reserved, and can be highly intellectual, thinking deeply about the world around them. On the other side of the spectrum they can also be eccentric and energetic, always needing some kind of outside stimulation. However, this also means that they can become tired out both emotionally and physically and need to spend time alone in order to recharge. They take in and change themselves according to the energy of the environment around them, so can adapt to a lot of different changes and challenges easily. 

They see the world as full of possibilities, and will take every opportunity that comes their way. But if there is no mental stimulation, then they lose motivation easily, and will move on to the next project or event. They know where they want to be in five years time, and have the ability to see into the future, making them excellent psychics. Because they are ruled by Uranus, they need to be surrounded by people, and thrive in a community. It also means that they can transform quickly when needed, and are very progressive with ideas and concepts. When meeting people, they are a good judge of character, and will avoid those who give off bad energy. 

One of the weaknesses of being born an Aquarius is the tendency to feel limited or confined. They need freedom, for themselves and for others. Also, they can come across as cold or insensitive, and can be wary of trusting others and expressing their emotions, even to people they know and trust. 

Aquarius and Love

Aquarians are very much sapiosexuals — intellectual conversation is a huge turn on for them. They also value individuals who are open, communicate well, and have vivid imaginations. Plus, if you’re honest and keep to your morals, they will love you for those qualities. Relationships with an Aquarius-born individual are complex, and they depend on a variety of different factors. In a relationship, they can be loyal, committed and will allow the other person to have their own independence. It is an important for them that they are both equals in the relationship. Most of their relationships start out as friendships, gradually evolving into more of a romantic relationship. They need to be able to trust the person first and get to know about their qualities and interests before they can pursue them romantically. The best sign compatibility for a relationship with other star signs are with Leo and Sagittarius. 

Aquarius and Friends/Family

At first Aquarius individuals can seem stand-offish or closed off, but this is because they need time to be able to get to know people and get close to them. Highly sensitive, they tend to be apprehensive about making close relationships, as it means being vulnerable to others. Despite all of this, once you have gained their trust, they will do anything for you. They have a high expectation of both their friends and family, wanting them to have qualities such as honesty, creativity and intelligence. But do not get on the wrong side of an Aquarius, as if these qualities are not met, or if you wrong them in any way, they will cut these close ties. 

Aquarius and Career

Their imagination and intelligence mean that they can apply themselves to a variety of different business and industry roles. A career which helps further humanity or has a visionary aspect is best suited to this zodiac sign. Careers such as acting, astronomy, writing, photography, or even scientific endeavours will help to fulfil the needs of an Aquarian. They should avoid careers which do not challenge their intelligence, or have strict and outdated rules, so that they don’t feel bored or trapped. 

There are many different facets to Aquarius-born individuals, and much to understand about them. This covers the most important parts, however, there is much more you can learn about this star sign, and possibly much more about them that we have yet to uncover.

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