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Empress Tarot

Empress Tarot

Psychic, Card Reader, Astrology, Life Coach, Counsellor

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Empress Tarot is a gifted Psychic, Tarot, Angel card reader and has an empowering energy to bring positive guidance in relationships, work, home or family and can focus on specific questions to give you insight and validation. Empress Tarot has strong knowledge of Astrology and is a trained Life Coach and Counsellor.


Love & Relationships
Work & Career
Home & Family


Card Reader
Life Coach


Tarot cards
Angel cards



What people say (51)

Absolutely brilliant!

Absolutely brilliant reading! Wow. Read me and people around me with such accuracy. Even picked up that I have a white cat and live next to water (I live by the sea). Highly recommended.

Charlotte, March 2022

Absolutely Amazing

My reading was absolutely amazing.  I have spoken with a lot of readers over the years.  Empress was spot on and out of this world.

Jennifer, April 2022

Very Excited About My Future!

Empress Tarot is an amazing listener which is so important.  She was very helpful and correct on so many things.  I am so very excited for my future with the information that Empress has shared with me. Thank you Empress, until our next reading!

Kimberly, USA, April 2022


FANTASTIC ...Empress Tarot is "Scarily accurate" and she picked up on everything that was going on around me.

Cindi, June 2022

Incredible Reader!

Empress Tarot, has consistently been an incredible reader for me in the short time I have known her. Not only have her readings been immensely accurate and judicious, they have also been delivered with a kindness, compassion and sense of humour which make the time whizz by. I am and will continue to be hugely grateful for her precious insights and for all of the support, guidance and care she has given me through exciting times as well as tough moments. I could not recommend her more highly as one of the best readers I have ever had the joy of speaking to.


Highly Recommended!

Empress Tarot is a very accurate reader, I highly recommend her! She is amazing! 

JS - July 2022

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

"Thank you a hundred million times over for your love and support. This has felt like such a journey and you have been so amazingly wonderful in being by my side to support and encourage me every step of the way. I cannot tell you how much my heart burst with gratitude for all you have done for me, and I hope and pray that I'll be able to keep giving you good news at every step of this magical journey. Here's to opening up to more blessings from the Universe. With a huge hug and thank you thank you thank you!" 

AT - September 2022

The Most Amazing Reading!

"Please pass on my thanks to Empress Tarot for the most amazing reading - I feel SO happy now after speaking to her!  She has such energy - she is so positive and encouraging!  She was very patient and compassionate with me and offered guidance as well as telling me the truth that I needed to hear.  Empress Tarot is extraordinary and I will be back very soon to speak to her again."

Shagufta - October 2022


"Empress Tarot is amazing. She has been a massive catalyst and a big change in my life, she has taken me from being a catipillar to a butterfly. Thank you, Empress Tarot."

Jennifer - October 2022

Excellent Reader

"I have been having readings with Empress for a very long time now, she is an excellent reader, very accurate,very obliging and just a lovely person"

Viv - November 2022

Amazing woman!

"Absolutely amazing woman, was spot on and made me feel super positive and powerful, thank you!"

Mind Body Spirit Festival, November 2022

Informative, Natural & Intuitive

"Amazing reading from Empress Tarot, so informative, natural and intuitive. She really is inspiring and positive. Answered all the unknown questions, thank you for your clarity"

Mind Body Spirit Festival - November 2022

Fab reading!

"Fab reading – bang on! Thank you!"

Mind Body Spirit Festival, November 2022

Stellar Intuition

"Amazing reader. Weaved the meanings of the cards perfectly and got into the story of my life with stellar intuition. Very specific and very solution focused with a caring nature."

Mind Body Spirit Festival, November 2022

Stunned by the Cards

"Lovely, warm and funny and SO gifted! I asked her to lead and was stunned by the cards and how quickly she figured me out. Thank you so much"

Mind Body Spirit Festival, November 2022

Would Recommend!

"Very very good, would recommend!"

Mind Body Spirit Festival, November 2022

Highly Accurate

"I had a reading with Empress Tarot three months ago, and she was correct and highly accurate. Some of the things from that reading have come to fruition. I had another reading this evening with a VIP reading and then paid for another 20mins with her.  Empress Tarot is very good and highly accurate. Empress tarot’s readings are very insightful, and she is always happy and friendly"

Caroline - December 2022

Best on the books!

"Empress Tarot is one of the best on your books. I've now had several readings with her, and they have all been comforting, positive and helpful all at the same time.  She is concise, honest yet compassionate even when difficult aspects of life are discussed.  Empress Tarot is one of the very best tarot readers, in my opinion shes amazing!"  

Amanda - December 2022

Very Insightful

" My reading was lovely and very insightful. It felt like I was talking to a friend and it brought me a lot of comfort and excitement for the future. Empress was empowering, kind and is truly great at what she does. "

Lauren - February 2023

One of the best!

"I have spoken to so many psychics in my years and I have never met anyone quite like Empress Tarot, she is one of a kind! The way she was able to quickly connect to my energy and explain everything in such a way that I could understand, while also empowering me and sharing tips on how to move forward. She really is one of the best. Thank you, Empress Tarot, I will definitely be speaking with her again"

Anna - February 2023

Definitely Recommend

"I've had several readings over the last year with Empress Tarot and she's very skilled at giving a helpful and accurate overview of situations and contextualising them. She is also reassuring, has a joyful sense of humour and has never judged me. She has always encouraged me and reminded me of my own power and intuitive abilities and I really appreciate the clarity she's given me. I definitely recommend having a reading with her."

Rosanne - February 2023

Most Accurate Reader

"Empress Tarrot is an excellent reader, she is one of the most accurate reader that I have ever used. Empress Tarrot is very positive, happy and the most amazing reader."

Anon - Luxembourg, February 2023

Amazing reader

"Empress Tarrot is an amazing reader she is so patient and leaves me with so much clarity. She is happy to go over and over the same old questions and each time really understands the whole picture. She is a truly wonderful reader"

Anna H - February 2023

Supportive, Calm & Positive

"Empress Tarot has been so much more than just a psychic over the last few weeks for me. She has an incredible manor about her and is so supportive, calm and positive. Not only that, but she is always right! Which blows my mind. I have spoken with several other people but Empress Tarot just exceeds everything anyone could want. I feel blessed to have found her"

Ian - March 2023

Amazing Reader

"Empress Tarot has been an amazing reader and has been spot on. She is accurate and is in tune with what’s happening around me, she is the best reader!"

Joyce - March 2023


"FANTASTIC reading! Couldn't believe how much information Empress Tarot gave me!  So warm and friendly it was like talking to my bestie." 

Carey - March 2023

10 Stars!

"Absolutely fabulous, she was so good. I could not recommend her more. 10 stars, easily!!"

Heather - June 2023

Genuine and gives great advice.

"I've been reading with Empress for a while now and can confidently say she never disappoints! She empowers me in every reading and I just absolutely love her energy. Her readings are always so clear and so accurate. She's so caring, genuine and gives great guidance. Not only have I found an amazing reader, I've also made a wonderful friend!"

Halley - June 2023

A great listener

"I would just like to say what a wonderful reading with Empress Tarot. She is a really beautiful person, empathetic, loving and warm hearted, and a great listener.  She made me feel at ease straight away.  I have never had such a strong connection with a reader, and such an accurate reading.  Empress Tarot is a beautiful soul that wants to help."

Katie from Cheshire - June 2023


"Wow!!! I have no words to say or express regarding Empress!!

I'm at a loss for words...

All I can say is -


Roland - July 2023

You're truly amazing

"Exceeded my expectations at every step. I had my first reading 18 months ago. Advised me about my partner. Said what star sign, what month I would meet him, his career. Then the last reading advised I would be pregnant within the next few months. I’m currently 6 weeks. You're truly amazing"

Kim - September 2023

Insightful & non judgemental

"I have had readings with Empress Tarot now for a couple of months and find her insightful and non judgemental, also everything she said would happen have happend! She has a good rapport with clients and I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs guidance."

Anonymous - September 2023


"I just wanted to ring back to say how brilliant my reading with Empress Tarot just was. I didn't get the chance to thank her at the end before it cut off but please do make sure she gets my thanks and knows how wonderful it was"

Kim - November 2023

So Accurate!

"Amazing! Phenomenal! So accurate! I was completely blown away by the level of details given to me. I will definitely be calling Empress Tarot again." 

Lisa - November 2023

So great!

"Empress Tarot is so great, such a beautiful person. She feels like my soul sister. I appreciate your work so much Empress, thank you for everything"

Katie - November 2023

Hit the mark

"Empress Tarot was amazing, hit the mark completely – a lovely lady as well."

Gina - Mind Body Spirit Festival, 2023


"The reading I had with Empress Tarot was sensational, so accurate and made me cry! Amazing, Amazing, Amazing! Thank you"

Jenny - Mind Body Spirit Festival, 2023

Informative & Accurate

"My first ever reading from Empress Tarot. So informative & accurate. Feel like I need to take action that I have been ignoring. Thank you."

Debbie - Mind Body Spirit Festival, 2023


"Empress Tarot – absolutely amazing!! Got everything to a T!! Gave me the news I needed to hear. Thank you so much!! x"

Anonymous - Mind Body Spirit Festival, 2023


Empress Tarot was lovely and gave honest feedback. Warm & easy to talk to. Thank you x

Anonymous - Mind Body Spirit Festival, 2023

Great Reading

"Empress Tarot – a great reading, very to the point and I am now very confident in looking to the future with my creativity. Thank you."

Julie - Mind Body Spirit Festival, 2023

Thank you

"Empress Tarot – thank you for a wonderful & enlightening reading."

Paul M - Mind Body Spirit Festival, 2023

Fantastic reading

"Empress Tarot – another fantastic reading! Everything was on point! Thank you x"

Anonymous - Mind Body Spirit Festival, 2023


"Empress Tarot was very easy to connect with & gave a lot of gems to me, this was helpful with my future choices – excellent! Thank you."

Gail - Mind Body Spirit Festival, 2023

Fantastic insight

"Empress Tarot – what an amazing, beautiful reading and lady. So encouraging and affirming and made me cry in a good way! Thank you so much for your fantastic insight and I wish you all the best and much happiness for your glorious future."

Alison - Mind Body Spirit Festival, 2023

Empress is the best of the best

Empress is the best of the best. She sees clearly From everyone’s perspective. Which is so helpful in making sense & understanding things. Her energy is light & kind. I love speaking to her I could speak for hours. Thank you so much xx

Katie - November 2023

Empress is amazing

Empress is amazing, she sees a whole situation and helps make sense of the situation. Her energy is light, honest and full of compassion. Even in the darkest of times empress brings laughter, I come off the phone thinking clearly & positively. I feel lifted. I hear her voice Which gives me strength & joy. She is just the best.

KT - November 2023

Very special and talented!

"I was extremely nervous for my first ever reading and it did not disappoint. Empress was more accurate than I could have imagined, filled me with positivity about my future, the accuracy she had about my life was incredible and I most certainly will be reading with her again, also recommending her to all of my friends and family. Thank you so much Empress, you are very special and talented!"

E Holland - December 2023

One word...Superb!

"What can I say that hasn't been said before? Nothing! Empress is wonderful, calming and tells you what she sees in her cards, whether you want it or not. I had a Zoom call with her too to see her with her cards which I found very reassuring. So fingers crossed all turns out well for me.."

Anonymous - February 2024

A great connection!

"Empress is on point and even though we have been talking for over a year whenever I call she knows what has been happening and what is about to happen. Her predictions and insight have been on point. Her timings even when I say that wouldn’t happen suddenly does! She is amazing. Her caring nature of how she explains things and seeing things is incredible and insightful. 

I absolutely love our conversations and would highly recommend her!

Thank you so much Empress! For your honesty and support."

TN - February 2024

Fantastic and Wonderful

"Empress Tarot is a fantastic and wonderful reader and really appreciate all her help. Empress Tarot told me something would happen and it came true."

Kim - April 2024

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