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Saphira has over 20-years’ experience as a tarot reader and intuitive empath. Originally from Sydney, Australia, Saphira has a doctorate in psychology and feels that it is her life’s purpose to help others on their path, allowing them to gain clarity and peace in their everyday lives.


Love and Relationships
Career and Work
Pets and Animals
Destiny and Life Path
Past Lives


Angel Cards
Oracle Cards
Life Coach


Tarot Cards
Angel Cards
Oracle Cards


Clear Guidance

What people say (11)

Excellent Reader!

Excellent reader! True to form, credit where credit is due.

VH, May 2022

Always very accurate!

Saphira is a very patient / empathetic reader whom I have had many readings with and she is always very accurate even when something seems too good to be true she is spot on - I have no hesitation in highly recommending her she is amazing!

JS - July 2022

Warm and Empathetic Reader

"Saphira is such a warm and empathetic reader! Spot on with dates and was able to pick up on everything going on around me, thank you, Saphira"

Nicola - August 2022

Thank you very much!

"Thank you very much for making me very happy this evening, I was stressed when I called but now I feel so much better.  You are a beautiful lady Saphira. Thank you"



CF from Australia - October 2022


"I really like Saphira, I believe everything she told me and it was spot on. She is incredible and such an asset to your business. Thank you, Saphira"

Connie - February 2023

Always accurate

"Saphira is phenomenal, she's always accurate about everything. I don't know where I would be without her. I have learnt so much from her, she is a huge asset."

Julie - February 2023

"Saphira is a true psychic.  She is excellent, well mannered, caring and kind.  She gives good clear readings to change your life in a positive way.

Not to live in the past but to move forward for a positive future in a proactive way.

Saphira is truly amazing."

AM from Scotland - February 2023


"Saphira is absolutely excellent, spot on!"

Avril - February 2023

Shes exceptional!

"I’ve been reading with saphira since July of 2022. She predicted everything that was going to happen to the tee! She was so comforting to helped me in my situation. Only one to pick up on specific timelines, shes exceptional!! Thank you for making me feel confident again! Truly talented!!!!!

Teekadai - April 2023


"Reading with Saphira is always a pleasure! She's very accurate and picks up on everything I ask very quickly. She makes my readings super fun and she's so easy to talk to. 10/10!"

Halley - June 2023


"Wow! Ok so I must admit like at first I was like no way can’t be true to good to be true! However week after week predictions started to happen exactly how she said! Omg I was left speechless! Word for word action by action complete accuracy on situations and timelines! Best psychic ever!!!!!!"

Teek - August 2023

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