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Suzanne is a gifted clairvoyant and medium, who works with her guides to bring messages of love from loved ones. Being an empath and using her own life experiences, Suzanne is able to help in all aspects of your life. From relationship advice to job opportunities or just being a listening ear if you have troubles that are bothering you. Suzanne uses tarot which she incorporates into her readings if you wish to do so, and is also a qualified counsellor using words from spirit to compliment these skills. Suzanne is passionate about helping others and will always be honest and open with the messages and guidance she receives for you.


Love and Relationships
Career and Work
Pets and Animals
Destiny and Life Path
Past Lives
Deceased loved ones


Life Coach
Qualified Counsellor
Reiki Healer
Animal communication
Star signs
Past life readings


Angel Cards
Oracle Cards



What people say (11)

She is the real deal!

‘Suzanne is lovely. You can always count on her and you can trust her
100%. She is the first reader in my top 10 and she is a real deal!’

Spot On!

"Myself being an empath, clairvoyant, clairsentient and claircognizant, Suzanne picked up on everything straight away that I had channeled myself. She’s the best reader Ive had in 25 years, so was so spot on in a reading that was only 15minutes! Just amazing! I highly recommend her." 

Courtney, Australia - September 2022

Extremely Accurate

"Suzanne has the most lovely energy and is extremely reassuring. Extremely accurate - everything she said was spot-on"

Denise - October 2022

Spot on!

"I really enjoyed my reading with Suzanne. She was spot on with everything, I will definitely be having another reading with her soon. Thank you, Suzanne."

Viv - February 2023

Excellent Reader

"Suzanne is an excellent reader and would recommend her to anyone.  Very precise information from Suzanne during the reading, and she is just a lovely person.  I feel emotional just because she is so lovely."

Lisa from London - April 2023

Spot On!

"I found her reading spot on. Suzanne was engaging, warm, accurate and lovely to speak to. She picked up on relevant areas in my life and she was able to answer everything. I will definitely be calling up for a reading with Suzanne again."

Rose - June 2023

Highly Recommend!

"I highly recommend Suzanne, between her and the channel she is clear, precise and accurate. Suzanne seems to know the answer to the question before I've asked the question.  She gives practical advice and reassurance about the best way forward to handle the problem"

John - September 2023

Spot on!

"Suzanne was spot on, calmed my nerves, on point from what I asked her about. I come away a lot happier and calmer about my situation. I will  definitely be reading with Suzanne again. Thank you"

Rose - October 2023

A fantastic reader

"I had a reading with Suzanne today and had to come back for another one as she is a fantastic reader with amazing energy very accurate and such a wonderful way about her.

I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others and will definitely be back for more ! 

She has left me feeling wonderful. Thank you, Suzanne"

Gayle - October 2023

Brilliant Reader!

" Brilliant Reader! Spot on every single time!  Just the loveliest person to speak to." 

Jacqueline - November 2023

Very accurate

"Suzanne has helped me so much. She is very accurate and she has a special gift and is a really lovely lady. Suzanne is also so welcoming and puts you at ease so that you can focus on what she is delivering to you."

Kelly - January 2024

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