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Rayani has been working with her psychic abilities for many year and can access information/messages meant for you via her ‘Clair’ senses. Being a natural empath, she is the channel that could assist you on your life path. Rayani feels it is her calling to bring healing, light, divine guidance, and peace to your soul. Working with a number of tarot decks, oracle, and angel cards, Rayani uses these as an extra divination tool to enhance understanding of messages received. Life should be full of magic and wonders. If these are currently lacking then let Rayani work with you together to bring back the magic to your spirit, soul, and your life.


Love and Relationships
Career and Work
Past Lives
Deceased Loved Ones


Reiki Healer


Angel Cards
Oracle Cards



What people say (15)

Great reader who can talk to multiple areas of interest.

"I have been reading with Rayani for a while and she is able to tune into exactly what is happening across areas of career, relationships, loved ones and general topics. She provides great guidance and shares distinct information that only I know. The best part about the reading is it feels like a conversation with a friend. I highly recommend Rayani and look forward to many more conversations."

Anonymous - August 2023

Talented Lady

Well where do I begin. Rayani is such a talented lady, I have had several readings with various readers some better than others. However, then off the cuff one day i decided to have a reading and for some reason I was drawn to Rayani. We started to talk and although I am gifted myself Rayani started to tell me things, that no one could have known. Rayani never fails to deliver an incredible reading each time with great accuracy, when she reads you can tell in her voice the passion and interest she has with her clients. Rayani please never stop being that beautiful person inside and out who is incredible at what you do. Crystal Psychics are very lucky to have you. Lots of love, Anita xx

Anita - August 2023


"Rayani is just brilliant! I had a wonderful reading from her, she gave me complete clariy, was to the point and is a fantastic reader. Would definitely recommend!"

Helen - November 2022

Exceptional Reader!

"Rayani was extremely accurate.  An exceptional reader. Explained things in a way that was easy to understand and it is easy to see that what she is telling you is true.  A highly respected reader who I will definitely read with again.

Thank you Rayani, you have made such a difference to my life."

Yvonne (USA) - December 2022

Wow, wow, WOW!

"Wow Wow Wow! No questions asked, high energy, real deal, positive reader. My eyes are wide open in awe, my energies buzzing, she is infectious.

Thank you so much Rayani"

Anne Marie - January 2023

Very Inspiring & Empowering

"I love talking to Rayani, she can always meet me where I am and can always see a very clear path forward. Very inspiring and empowering, she lights the way for me."

C (USA) - January 2023

Best Reader Ive Had

"Ive had several readings with Rayani now, and I wasnt on a very good place to begin with. She is very positive, and factual. I have left feeling very uplifted. She is straight to the point and no messing around. It was very intense and I am so thankful for the comprehensive information she has given. The best reader I have had to date"

Wilfie - January 2023

Extremely Accurate

"Rayani is amazing and very commendable! She has been extremely accurate with every reading that I’ve had, down to the small details. Rayani is very quick and thorough, friendly and informative during every reading whilst maintaining the perfect level of professionalism. It is uplifting speaking with her and I will definitely continue to book my readings with her! I would highly recommend speaking with her, you will not be disappointed!"

Anonymous - January 2023

Rayani is great

"Rayani's great. All her predictions have unfolded and continue to unfold- even names." 

Amie - February 2023

Spot On!

"I had a reading with Rayani yesterday and it was absolutley amazing. Rayani was spot on with everything and I have blessed to have got to speak with her. Thank you."

Heather - March 2023


Rayani is absolutley brilliant!

Wendy - April 2023

An inspiration

"I have been talking with rayani for some time now, and what an inspiration she is. After some very challenging times, a long bumpy road and some difficult decisions to make, I am happy to share that with the support and guidance that Rayani has given me, I have found myself in a much better place and I have bounced back to my strong self belief. I have found strength I didn't realise I had and this is with the help of Rayani.

Rayani is an absolute rock and worth her weight in gold, and a fantastic asset to Crystal Clear.

I would say to anyone and I mean anyone who needs a friendly supportive person who makes you feel confident then Rayani is that woman. 

Rayani you are a beautiful woman, honest and you shine️ like a diamond through your readings."

Anita - November 2023


"Rayani has been reading for me for a while now and I have always found her empowering, calming, accurate and great fun with all her energy! For me, she comes up with numbers as well as the general reading, which seem to fit within my situation, in my case. I would simply be lost without her... A must go to reader!"

Anonymous - February 2024

Always spot on

"After a recommendation I have had a number of readings. I find Rayani to warm, non-judgemental, clear and accurate. She provides significant and valid information. Rayani doesn’t disappoint, is always spot on and my go to psychic. Thank you"

Rose - March 2024

Pure, authentic reader

"Rayani is a compassionate, pure, authentic reader who is highly connected to spirit. Her guidance and support has been invaluable to me and I trust her implicitly. I just want to thank her for being such an amazingly authentic reader and always working so hard to get to the truth. Rayani speaks honestly, and doesn’t sugarcoat, yet she is so encouraging. One of the best readers I’ve ever had."

Janine - April 2024

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